A Quiet Mind

By spending only 16 minutes engaged
in the Quiet Mind process, people report

cd-front-small.jpg 180x180
  • A feeling of peace
  • Being in the Ďnowí moment
  • Greatly increased focus and clarity in their actions
  • An increase in creativity
  • A deep feeling of relaxation
  • Their minds have little background noise
  • Serenity

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Beautiful! Consider it an audio flower that opens gently and softly massages your brain so you can relax, let go, and finally feel the inner peace you long to have.
— Dr. Joe Vitale
Author of The Attractor Factor, Lifeís Missing Instruction
Manual and Spiritual Marketing.
ē Appeared in The Secret as featured on
The Oprah Winfrey Show, February 8, 2007.
Listening to Ann Taylorís A Quiet Mind is an effortless way to create space between your thoughts and access your inner guide. You already have everything you need to make your life work. Annís program will help clear the clutter thatís blocking your access to the answers youíre seeking.
— Steve Siebold,
author, 177 Mental toughness Secrets of the World Class

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When I listen to the Quiet Mind CD, all the chatter in the back ground ceases. Iím able to focus on what Iím doing with thoughts that Iím choosing. Each time I listen to the recording, it becomes easier and easier for me to eliminate the background noise and create a quiet mind.

My creativity has always been there but difficult to access through the muck of the thoughts going on in the background. As I listen to A Quiet Mind I find it so much simpler and faster to access my creativity. I also find that as I listen more and more this also becomes much easier to access.
— Ken Vogt
When I listen to the Quiet Mind CD, I become calm. I have an amazing ability to focus on what I need to do today. Distractions just melt away! Iím aware when negative impulses show up, particularly from the past. When this happens, Iím able to see them, understand them and shift to something thatís more positive and powerful easily and effortlessly. All this happens by listening to this remarkable CD!
— Rick Hendrie

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It is with appreciation that I share my experience from Ann Taylorís CD addressing A Quiet Mind.

For years my rest has been plagued with an endless array of "unfinished to-do lists." These lists frequently present as a complicated fabrication of my imagination waiting only for a brief moment to flood my consciousness. Rest and sleep are often betrayed by videos unrelated to any true reality in which I am director and star. Until I listened to Annís CD, I had no clue that my adult life was a series of manufactured sequences in which I replayed these events, added emotions and false responsibility. No wonder I found rest to be short lived.

In listening to Annís CD, as I followed the simple guidelines, I found my mind was attentive yet relaxed. My body followed this same gentle direction. The CD focused my attention, persuaded my thoughts to subside and allowed a calmness to permeate my body. How simple yet profound to go thru the day and recall the comfort in a quiet mind.

Thank you, Ann, for your willingness to share your Divine gifts.
— Namaste D.H., Asheville, NC
Before I listened to Annís CD, A Quiet Mind, I had a constant chatter in my brain which I couldnít seem to turn off — ever! On the very first time I listened to this magical recording, my mind was absolutely quiet. I was living in the 'now moment' which is very unusual for me. Like Ė maybe never. J Would I recommend this CD? Not only do I recommend it to people, I give it to the ones I love very much. BUY THIS CD!
— Kim Arthur
P.S. - If you donít believe this, email me. KA ;-)

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A Quiet Mind is the first program in Ann Taylor's Inner Healing audio series, your gateway to achieving the expanded wellbeing and inner peace you've long desired. Ann likes to call her CD journeys the "faster, quicker, better" path to repairing your body, mind, and spirit.But beyond that, these CDs are exciting-and practical-tools to help you create your ideal life in every way, and without negative and limiting beliefs, attitudes, emotions, and memories standing as obstacles that block your path.

The guided session you're about to experience takes you on a journey to quiet your mind, and by that Ann means, achieving a quiet brain. And what is the brain, after all, but your Divinely-created control system, which allows you to wake and sleep, work and play, and laugh and love. And this wondrous, amazing control system operates best when you give it regular tune-ups, and when it comes to the brain, that means periods of quiet and calm.

Consider this CD one of your most valuable tools on the road to inner peace, greater creativity, and expanded consciousness. Beyond that, what you're about experience not only prepares you for other CDs in Ann's series, but it's the first of her three-program CD set focused on meditation. (And, by the way, be sure to regularly check Ann's website: www.innerhealing.com for two or three-minute samples of her new programs.)

But what is a quiet mind? While some people become intimidated by the word meditation, virtually no one is afraid of the idea of a quiet, calm mind, a state free from scattered thoughts and mindless internal chatter that may sometimes seem like background noise in your own head. For many centuries, spiritual masters have used various terms to describe the quiet mind and the numerous paths to achieve it. Some associate a quiet mental state with silent or contemplative, focused prayer, or with chanting or repeating specific sounds or words. Other individuals were taught to pray, and hence, quiet the mind, by reciting prayers or using rosary beads; others hold an object, such as a stone, to facilitate a state of quiet calm.

In some meditation systems, the goal is to focus thoughts, direct them inward, or create mental pictures. But in others, the goal is to empty the mind. Some also quiet the brain to achieve enlightened awareness or higher consciousness, but for our purposes here, we'll call the quiet mind a state in which we can receive God's guidance. And what could be greater than the ability to listen as God guides you to your highest good?

We are fortunate to live in an age when we can build a bridge between two worlds, which at one time seemed far apart-and not likely to meet. That is, we can unite the worlds of science and spirit. Today, sophisticated technology allows us to view the inner workings of the brain, and scientists continue to make rapid headway in unlocking its secrets. To simplify this complex control system, consider the relationship of brain waves to state of mind. You've probably heard of beta, alpha, theta, and delta brain waves, and each describes the frequency patterns of mental states.

Briefly, beta, the most alert state of mind, measures at a frequency of about 13 to 30 cycles per second; alpha, the most prominent of the brainwave frequencies, operates at 8-13 cycles per second. Theta, the mind state we link with deep meditation and creative and spiritual insights, measures at a frequency of 4 to 7 cycles per second, and delta, the state of deep sleep, measures at 1/2 to 4 cycles per second.

All brain waves operate in the brain simultaneously. However, to change the brain wave patterns and achieve a quiet mind, we drop first into alpha, and then into high theta, and that brain wave cycle dominates consciousness during your quiet mind experience. Once you close your eyes and listen to Ann's voice as it guides your breathing, your brain wave cycles will quickly slow down and you will feel a sense of quiet calm taking over your consciousness. And, it won't take years of practice to achieve this sense of serene wellbeing. This truly is the quicker, faster, better path to a quiet mind.

During this program, Ann will ask you to allow God to remove whatever stands in your way and prevents you from achieving a quiet mind. And what might those obstacles be? Well, the negative charge on emotions, thoughts, attitudes, and memories accumulate throughout life, and based on information given to Ann, the negative charges damage the brain itself. Episodes of intense anger or rage, or deep, heavy grief, or prolonged sadness can also leave their mark. This is the reason that you will hear Ann ask God to repair any damage done to the brain from these past experiences. She will also ask God to repair damage done to the brain from such things as aging, and even from exposure to toxins in the environment. Every time you listen to this program, you have the opportunity to allow God to repair the damage — from any source — but only with your permission.

Yes, on this tape, and others, you will give your permission to God, the universal intelligence that underlies everything, to act from a place of infinite wisdom and love to repair your brain — and your consciousness. Based on information given to Ann, she understands that God will never go against your free will, and at various points in her programs, you will hear Ann remind you that these life changes, from improved health to deeper sleep to enriched relationships, are achieved only because you have allowed them to occur.

Even if you've tried relaxation or meditation techniques in the past, put aside any experiences that made you feel as if you didn't do them correctly. There is no wrong way to respond to this tape, and it's not a pass-fail test! It is truly the faster, quicker, better path to a quiet mind. So, all you need to do is let the work, work! Listen to the tape as often as you like, and almost immediately, you'll notice that you work, create, relax, and play, in an increasingly calm state of mind.

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