About Ann Taylor

People are often surprised when they learn that Ann’s first love was the stock market! But it’s absolutely true.

While putting herself through college, Ann took a course from Merrill Lynch and was hooked. From that moment, her guiding dream was to help people get their own “piece” of corporate America through the stock market. At the age of thirty, that dream came true when she became a broker with A G. Edward and Sons. Ann was somewhat of a trailblazer, actually, because at that time only two percent of American women were stockbrokers. At forty-two, she became the first woman hired in management by Robert W. Baird, a subsidiary of Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company.

In 1988, feeling guided to leave the brokerage industry, Ann become ministerial assistant to Jack Kern at Unity of Naples, Florida (where she already served on the board.) Ann implemented the Unity newsletter, got the congregation involved with Habitat for Humanity, and put together a lecture series featuring Wayne Dyer, Bernie Siegel, Joan Borysenko, and Edgar Mitchell.

After organizing the event for Bernie Siegel, which drew 3,400 people, Ann decided to take a sabbatical for travel and reflection. While on her travels, she visited a friend near Unity Village in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. There she fell in love, and soon thereafter moved to Missouri.

In meditation she was guided to apply to Unity Village’s prayer ministry, her guidance telling her that she’d love this job better than any she’d ever had (but wouldn’t be there long). Ann applied for this position and became one of twenty-four people on the day shift who answered the phone: “Silent Unity, how may we pray with you?”

Five months flew by, and when Unity posted a job for a Development Officer, Ann’s guidance spoke up again: “Now apply for this job.” Ann knew she was well qualified because this is the division of Unity that called on donors who could write the big checks. Thus, her background as a stockbroker would (and did) serve her very well. After a year in that position, she was promoted to Senior Development Officer and membership in Senior Member Management at Unity School of Christianity.

One day some Unity donors in Toledo, Ohio invited Ann to attend a weekend event featuring a healer who was to give people attunements for healing. Although Ann was totally uninterested in that aspect of the weekend, she went to Toledo anyway because she knew she’d have fun with the people who invited her. After the attunement (and greatly to her surprise), when she began laying hands on people back home in Missouri, she got results!

Her practice took an evolutionary step one Sunday, when a client (“Sally”) called and said, “Ann, I’m sick. We’ll have to have our session over the phone.” Thinking that was a novel idea, Ann grabbed a teddy bear, placed her hands on it as though on Sally, and carried out the session. Half an hour later, Sally was on her way to the mall and Ann was on her way to long-distance healing.

In her very first year as an energy or spiritual healer, Ann spoke with Dr. Bernie Siegel before a crowd of a thousand at Unity of the Plaza in Kansas City — part of a lecture series with Carolyn Myss and James Redfield (author of the “Celestine Prophecy”). That same year, she traveled extensively to conduct workshops and also continued her healing work over the phone.

During Ann’s eleven years as an energy healer, her skills and abilities have grown in interesting and unpredictable ways. For example, one morning she woke up knowing she could heal on a genetic level. Another time, she read some material in a book and felt guided in using that technique on clients. Ann spends considerable time maintaining a healthy body, mind, and spirit, and works with her healing skills at least two hours a day.

Ann’s life is about service and contribution. It is her pure joy to empower others to transcend their limiting beliefs to a new consciousness that sets them free; this she does via teleseminars, private appointments, speaking events, and recorded products.

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